SoundHound, a leading innovator of conversational intelligence, offers an independent voice AI platform that enables restaurants and other businesses to deliver best-in-class conversational experiences to their customers.

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About SoundHound

The SoundHound for Restaurants voice assistant can be deployed by any restaurant to seamlessly take food and drink orders over the phone, via menu kiosks, at the drive thru or using various connected devices. Its sophisticated technology learns the menu of each business and can answer questions, take orders, and manage complexity such as food modifications– helping the restaurant process more orders quickly, accurately and efficiently. SoundHound’s advanced system uses patented voice AI that can understand natural human speech, so a customer doesn’t have to modify their language. They can just speak as they would to another person.

SoundHound offers its voice AI technology to a range of world class brands working across automotive, smart device manufacturers, and service providers, including Hyundai, Netflix, Snap, VIZIO, and LG.

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